Make Your Own Loofah Sponges
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局 Grow Your Own Loofah Sponge

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Rather than spending a bunch of money on a loofah sponge from the store, why not grow one, make it yourself, and save money?

Homemade Loofah SpongesThe loofah sponge (also called luffa or loofa)is related to squash and watermelon, which both have trailing vines. People use the fruits fibrous interior for exfoliating the skin in a shower or bath.

How long does it take to grow a loofah?

The loofah plant has a long growing season. It can take up to 120 days for it to reach full size. Then it will take a few weeks for the plant to dry where it is on the vine. This the stage when the inner fibers become tough enough to use for exfoliation.

Are Loofahs easy to grow?

Loofah is very easy to grow after the frosts are finished, as long as there is ample sunshine and water.

Can Luffa grow in containers?

If youve only got a balcony, you can definitely still grow your own loofah sponge. Just make sure the pot is big enough; it needs to be 18 to 24 inches across. The vine will need to be supported with a sturdy trellis that can be sunk into the back of the pot.

No. Loofah is an annual plant and needs to be replanted every year. But you can save your seeds from this year to plant next year.

Loofahs need full sunlight, and they love water. Due to their long growth cycle, youll need to decide if there is time in the year between frost seasons for your loofah vine to mature and dry on the vine.

You can increase the plants growing cycle in ice-prone areas by starting them indoors at least a month before the last expected frost. You can germinate the seeds by placing them between two damp and warm paper towels.

Do loofah plants need lots of water?

Yes, loofah is a water guzzler.

The gourd is mainly made up of moisture, so they need a lot of water.

How many loofahs does a plant produce?

You could harvest 10-12 loofahs from each vine, but on average its about 6 per vine.

Is the loofah plant edible?

The loofah is just as edible as squash or watermelon. Harvest your loofah at the stage when they are mature like any other gourd; do not allow them to dry out.

Where to buy loofah seeds?

You can source your first seeds from any reputable seed seller, or you can purchase loofah seeds from Amazon.

How do you get seeds out of loofah?

After your loofahs are dried out, keep the seeds aside. Allow the seeds to dry out completely and then freeze them so they are ready to plant next year.

Are loofahs easy to growHow do you start a loofah seed?

Loofah seeds can only be planted after the last frost. When you are ready to plant them in the ground, plant the seedlings 8 to 12 inches apart. Please note that loofahs are very slow to germinate, so dont give up.

If possible, plant the loofah near a trellis or fence to give the vines a place to climb.

How do you care for a loofah plant?

  • Adding nutrients to the soil is also important for loofah plants. After adding compost, you will want to mulch around the base of the plants to help keep the soil moist and warm.
  • Train the vines along the trellis or fence. If this is not possible, provide stakes or other support for the vines.
  • When the plant first flowers, pluck the blossoms and cut the first four lateral branches back. This will give the fruits room to grow and promote strong fruit.

How do you know when Luffa is ripe?

Leave them on the vine as long as you can to ensure they are ripe. The skin should begin to turn brown and may have opened slightly, and the bodies will weigh less than when they were unripe.

What to do if frost starts before harvesting loofah?

If the weather turns cold and there is frost, harvest the gourds whether they are ripe or not. If the skin of the loofah has not begun to open on its own, you may want to slam the gourd on the ground. Roll it back and forth to loosen the skin or puncture it with a knife so you can remove the fruit from the skin.

Loofah on trellisHow long does it take luffa to dry?

Itll take about 2 to 3 weeks for the luffa to dry.

How do I clean a loofah before use?

  • Wash away the sap and seeds from the loofah.
  • Place it in a bucket of bleach waterone cup of bleach for the entire bucketand soak it to remove all black spots. This may take a while.
  • Remove the loofah and rinse it very well.

How to dry out loofah

  • Allow it to air dry in the sun.
  • Be sure to turn the loofah occasionally as it dries.

Can you dry Luffa in oven?

If the weather has turned and youre desperate, you can dry the luffa in the over. About 300F for about 30 minutes. Keep an eye on it.

Can you cut a loofah?

You can leave the loofah in its original shape or cut it to a shape you like. You can also place a string through its fibers so it is easy to hang and dry between uses.

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How do you attach a stick to a loofah?

You can use an old loofah brush to make your homegrown loofah easier to use on your back.

There you have your homemade loofah sponge! Impress your friends and give them as gifts!