Homemade Dryer Sheets
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Make Your Own Dryer SheetsDryer sheets are an easy way to add softness and fragrance to your clothes, along with getting rid of static cling. You might want to save money by making your own dryer sheets with items you already have in the house.

In doing this, you will also be removing a source of potentially lethal gases from your home.

Are dryer sheets safe?

According to Healthline, dryer sheets contain some troubling ingredients, such as:

dipalmethyl hydroxyethylammoinum methosulfate, a softening and antistatic agent
fatty acid, a softening agent
polyester substrate, a carrier
clay, a rheology modifier, which helps control the viscosity of the coating as it begins to melt in the dryer

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are gasses released into the air by some products. They are not necessarily harmful; it depends on the ingredients.

VOCs produced by commercial dryer sheets are emitted from your dryer vent. According to Lung.org, harmful VOCs can cause breathing difficulties, eye irritation and nausea, among other effects, depending on the ingredients.

What happens if you don’t use a dryer sheet?

Lots of people dont bother with dryer sheets; I dont. I use homemade fabric softener, which can be used to make your own dryer sheets if you want, please see below.

There may be some static cling in your clothes if you dont use a dryer sheet. Static cling can be fixed after the washing is done. (If my stockings are holding my dress or skirt against my legs, I rub some hand lotion onto my legs through the stockings. It works every time.)

If you prefer to nip static cling in the bud at drying time, please see below for ways to make non-toxic dryer sheets.

What can I use instead of a dryer sheet?

You can make your own dryer sheets from sponges, coffee filters, chopped-up discarded towels and tea towels, even from discarded clothes, such as old t-shirts.
Balls of aluminum foil in your dryer will stop static cling.
Dryer balls soften your clothes and reduce static electricity by decreasing friction in the tumble dryer as your clothes are tossed around.

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How do you get rid of static cling without dryer sheets?

Putting aluminum foil in the dryer might seem like a strange idea. However, being metallic, foil balls will balance acidity and draw the static electricity out of your washing as it dries.
Compress aluminum foil into a tight ball and throw it into the dryer with your clothes. Better than that, throw in a few!

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